A Gift From Heaven Pre-Order!

 In A Gift From Heaven, Titus Low

Finally, I get to announce the 1 big news that I wanted to all along for my rainbow baby. It was not easy for me and therefore make it more valuable and worthwhile. Still I want to pay it forward to people who pre-order. For every book you order now, you will get a copy of To Baby With Love compliments as well… while stock last! 🙂

Keen to purchase a copy of my book? Go to Shop now to purchase.

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A Gift From Heaven

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  • Eunice LI Dan Yue

    Hi Felicia,

    So glad that your new book is going to be launched soon. When will it be on sale in the bookshop? Any idea?

  • Felicia

    Not sure yet, will let you know when is out. Or you can pre-order online first?

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